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The Nockstein Trophy in Koppl

If you made it to this website, we share a common interest in mountain biking. If you're also looking for a spectacular cross-country race, you've come to the right place. Continue to read to find further information!
Further information about the Nockstein Trophy and its races you can find under the headings "Preparation", "Registration", "Programme", and finally the "Party including the award ceremonies".
We look forward to your participation! If any of the points listed are missing any information that interests you, simply call the chairman or send him an e-mail using the contact form.


Austria Youngsters Cup &
UCI Race (21.09.2024)

On Saturday, in addition to the Austria Youngsters Cup, we will be organizing a UCI C2 race for the juniors (part of the Mountainbike Liga Austria) and the Elite Damen/Herren for the first time. Keep the evening and night free for the award ceremony and the party!


Junior Bike Cup Salzburg &
Pölzcup (22.09.2024)

On Sunday we welcome our cycling friends from the Bavarian Cycling Association (BRV) with the entry-level Pölzcup racing series and the Salzburg State Cycling Association (LRV SBG) with the Junior Bike Cup Salzburg racing series. Hope to see you again, soon!

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The most important thing is having fun with your mountain bik. If you want to share this passion with us, then visit us! We exercise in various children's and youth groups. The adults start their rides on Mondays from 6 p.m. in front of the municipality of Koppl (from spring to autumn).


Union MTB Club Koppl
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