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Registration for the Nockstein Trophy

Info: The online registration allows us to check the starters in advance with regard to their ranking in the Austria Youngsters Cup, the Mountainbike Liga Austria, the UCI rankings for women/men, the juniors and within the framework of the Pölzcup and the Junior Bike Cup Salzburg. In order to enable a quick and smooth process on the two days of racing, registration for the Nockstein Trophy is ONLY online. Please select the correct registration for the competitions on Saturday or Sunday below!
Start of the registration: 01.08.2024.
Registration deadline: 17.09.2024 | 22:00 Uhr.
Late entries: Possible by paying double the entry fee and ranking to the end of the starting field.
COVID-19: There is currently no obligation to vaccinate or take any measures. Specific information may be found in the PDF (changes depending on the situation).


Austria Youngsters Cup | UCI Race (21.09.2024)

Austria Youngsters Cup

U13 m/w (2012/13)
U15 m/w (2010/11)
U17 m/w (2008/09)

UCI C2 Race

Juniors Women (2006/07)
Elite Women (≤2005)
Juniors Men (2006/07)
Elite Men (≤2005)

Registration Participant List


Pölzcup | Junior Bike Cup Salzburg (22.09.2024)


U7 (≥ 2018)
U9 (2016-2017)
U11 (2014-2015)
U13 (2011-2012)
U15 (2010-2011)
U17 (2008-2009)


U19w (2006-2007)
Damen (≤ 2005)
U19m (2006-2007)
Herren (≤ 2005)

Registration Participant List